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Sephardic Web Sites
These are the general Sephardic websites.
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General Sites
JewishGen Sephardic database
JewishGen Sephardic database
The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA)
the largest genealogy society in Israel
Les Fleurs ds l'Orient
Family Trees of Jews of the Orient
Extensive listing of names, heraldry and recipes
archived version
Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies
Specializes in the eastern Mediterranean
Sephardic World
Excellent series of lectures on Sephardic Topics
National Library of Israel
1,200 ketubot digitized by Hebrew University's National Library
Moshe David Gaon: Oriental Jews in Erets Yisrael
Mathilde Tagger's Index of 2,882 Sephardic Rabbis, Scholars and Notables.
In Spain, Provence, Italy, Ottoman Empire, incl. Balkans, Middle East and North Africa.
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Various Other Sites
American Sephardic Federation
Umbrella organization
Sephardic Jewish Communities
from Columbia University, NYC (Archived)
Museo Sefardi, Toledo.
Toledo's Historic Sinagoga del Transito (Original name: Sinagoga de Samuel ha-Levi)
Congregation Shearith Israel
founded in 1654, first Sephardic Congregation in the US
Jews Of Cape Verde and of The Azores
Jews Of Cape Verde and on the Guinea Coast
by Richard Loban
Beth Haim cemetery in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Holland
History of Rabbi Yosef Caro.
Biographies of some Sephardic Rabbi Leaders.
Bernard Gui Inquisitorial Technique (c.1307-1323)
The Juderia of Tarazona (Aragon)
includes list of names
Tourist information about Juderias in Spanish towns Ladino and other Jewish Languages
Ladino a Lost Language
Judeo-Spanish as a Language of Liturgy and Religious Identification
Diksionaryo Djudeo-Espanyol
"Ladino" dictionary
Jewish Roots of Flamenco
Cervantes and Don Quixote: Jewish origins?
by Michael McGaha
Portuguese Jews
History of Jews in Spain - A Brief Timeline

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