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United States
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Learning about Genealogy

Jewishgen's FAQ - Essential reading
Family Tree Maker Courses - Slow, because of graphics. But worth going through.
Huge collection of Information files on "everything" - Essential

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Databases to look up names on line
(See here for full list of available databases)

SSDI (Social Security Death Index) - A good place to start
Jewishgen's Search Pages - Jewishgen Family Finder, Sephardic, etc.
Steven Morse's superb Search engines - Ellis Island passenger lists, US Census, Israel phone directory in English, etc.
Stern's "First American Jewish Families: 600 Genealogies, 1654-1988"
Online, latest edition, searcheable.
Avotaynu's Consolidated Surname Index - Can be helpful
Jews of London - Early XIX
Newspaper Archives - Archives on line
Obituary Daily Times - Obituaries on line
Library of Congress
U.S. Bureau of the Census
National Archives
NARA Immig and Passenger Lists

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Useful Links

My page of links to General Sephardic sites
JewishGen: Jewish Genealogy - If you only go to one site, this is it.
Congregation Ezra Bessaroth - Seattle Congregation of Jews from Rhodes.
Sephardic Jews arrive in Seattle in 1902 - History essay from State of Washington Online Encyclopedia.
Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation - Seattle Congregation of Jews from Turkey.
Sephardic Pirates of the Revolutionary War
The Jews in Savannah - by Mordecai Sheftall
Jews in the Civil War - incl database of Civil War Veterans
Jews in the Wild West
Search engines
JewishGen Links Page
Am Jewish Hist Soc
Center for J. History
The settlement of the Jews in North America
Jewishnet Libraries
Jewishnet resources
US Holocaust Museum
Cybrary of the Holocaust

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